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Couples Teletherapy

Couples Teletherapy

Relationships are difficult! We are all unique individuals with separate experiences, personalities, and communication styles. When we create a loving relationship with another person, issues are bound to arise here and there.

With couple's therapy, you can find a safe space to explore issues, learn new skills, and strengthen your love with your partner. Working through some of your relationship challenges with an unbiased third-person can help breakdown the filters or walls that have disrupted the opportunity for a solution.

I am passionate about helping couples communicate better and build a long-lasting strong foundation that centers around trust, communication, and love.

I utilize Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method techniques. I am a Level-II trained/certified Gottman Therapist.

I am licensed to provide Teletherapy sessions to residents in Georgia & Florida

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